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Picture the scene. Tired from a long day out sniffing trees, barking at postmen and chasing their tails (never catching up with the damn things to boot), Rover and Fido return, brothers in arms, to the solace and sanctuary of your humble abode. One foot inside the door and you berate them for getting dirt all over your new laminate floor or deep pile cashmere. Chastened and shamefaced, your normally pampered pooches turn tail and make a dive for the nearest bush, eager to escape their owner’s rising anger. Man’s best friend indeed, shame on you.

However, it needn’t be this way. The solution my friends to this all too familiar problem is, at last, at hand ……

Welcome to Ollimat, the pet friendly cotton door mat solution to dirty paws on floors.

Ollimat is made using a highly absorbent cotton yarn with a genuine rubber gripper backing to minimize movement on both hard floors and carpeted surfaces. Available in a range of beautiful colours to compliment your décor, our Cotton Dirt Trapper mats offer superb quality and excellent value for money.

We offer two types of Ollimat:

Ollimat Gripper – featuring a borderless design and available with either square or rounded corners depending on your preference.




Ollimat Gripper Plus – offers the addition of reinforced rubber borders on all sides.


Ollimat is manufactured to your size requirements and is available to order on-line exclusively through Specialist Mats. http://www.specialistmats.co.uk/cotton-door-mats.html

Go on, bring Rover and Fido back in from the cold, order your Ollimat cotton door mat today!