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About Us

Every Dog has its Day ….

Ollimat is named after Olli the dog who just loved to put his muddy paw prints everywhere in the house after a long walk. He loved it, we didn’t! Big dog = Big paws = Big mess.

The Light Dawns

We found that traditional door mats had little effect in reducing this problem. Thus, after exercising the little grey cells on many a long winter’s night chewing over this conundrum, a light bulb moment suddenly occurred. Cotton was the answer. From our years of experience in the mat trade we knew that cotton fibres would offer enhanced absorbency and would therefore soak up far more of the assembled muck, yuck and random detritus dragged in by our faithful hound during his daily pursuits.

However, we didn’t just want to offer any old cotton doormat. From that day forward we made it our goal to create a product that was the most absorbent, most hard wearing and most visually striking in the marketplace. In short, we wanted Ollimat to be the best!


Today we believe we have achieved this and can proudly say we offer our customers the three cornerstones of any successful product offering: Quality (the strongest mats using the finest materials), Variety (a myriad of sizes and colours available) and Value (the best mats out there at competitive prices).

Service is the Key

Allied to this we pride ourselves in offering, in conjunction with our selected partners, the highest levels of customer service and aftercare. It may be a well worn cliché, but at Ollimat we truly believe that the Customer is King. Hound us today (see what I did there!) and find out if we are as good as our word.


Ollimats can be ordered on-line through our partners at Specialist Mats