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There are many benefits in life: financial benefits (an unexpected pay rise from the boss), emotional benefits (that long awaited reunion with a loved one), even, for the lucky few at least, friends with benefits (erm, moving swiftly on)! However, I am confident you will agree, that all these pale in comparison with the numerous benefits to be gained from the addition of an Ollimat to your home or business residence. Feast your eyes on this little lot:

Benefit No 1: Cotton, it’s awesome:

Ever since Christopher Columbus literally stumbled across it during his famous expedition to the Americas in 1492, cotton has been weaving its magic spell around the globe from Tallahassee to Timbuktu. Even Columbus was late to the party, with cotton being grown by the natives in Pakistan’s Indus River Valley as early as 3000 BC, almost two millennia before it was wrapped around boy king Tutankhamen to make his journey to the afterlife a little cozier.

The must have material for modern day fashionistas, cotton offers significant advantages over other fibres, which is why it is the key ingredient in all the products in the Ollimat range. The cotton dirt trapper fibres in Ollimats are great at removing dirt, grit and all that other yucky stuff we bring in from the great outdoors. Also, unlike man made materials, cotton offers excellent absorbency and will remove moisture with a blotting action even if feet aren’t wiped. This is especially beneficial for pet owning households as dogs and cats do not know to wipe their feet on entrance (no offence Rover and Fido, and little Whiskers as well). Your pet friendly Ollimat simply absorbs moisture from your pet’s paws as they walk across it, no fuss, no mess, leading to happy tails a wagging, brownie points with your nearest and dearest, and a feeling of zen like calm in the happy household, all thanks to that oldest of natural fibres, king cotton.

Benefit No 2 – Made to Order

Every one of our Ollimats are made to your individual specification. Long and thin for an entrance corridor say, or short and fat for a standard porch, whatever your requirements, like us humans, Ollimats come in all different shapes and sizes. In addition, the Ollimat  cotton door mat comes in several different colours and the Ollimat Gripper can be specified with either square or rounded corners, depending on your preference. Whatever your pleasure, we have the Ollimat for you!

Benefit No 3 – Safety First, No Slippage

The last thing you want is to get back home after a hard day at work, no doubt juggling your car keys and briefcase or handbag, struggle through the door, place one foot on the mat and go flying through the air like some punch drunk contestant from Total Wipeout. Any such danger is wiped out with both the Ollimat and Ollimat Plus by the addition of a cleated rubber backing which helps to minimize movement on carpeted and hard floors alike. Clever stuff. Safe and sound for you and your hound!

Benefit No 4 – Hassle Free Cleaning – Nora, she must be batty!

Any mat, if it has done its job properly will end up looking, well, a bit icky, after a while. Unless you are prepared to part with some serious coin to get it cleaned professionally, I’m afraid it’s down to you. Let’s face it, cleaning a doormat is an onerous task at the best of times and quite frankly a less than edifying spectacle all round. We’ve all seen Nora from next door, eyes streaming and coughing up her lungs as she bashes her dirty doormat repeatedly against the outside wall or garage door, emerging from the inevitable miasma of dust and mushroom cloud of dirt to gasp an emphysemic greeting across the stoop.

Cleaning an Ollimat requires no such elbow grease and nor does the practice necessitate a government health warning. Ollimats are ridiculously easy to care for. For light soilage, all that’s required to maintain the smart appearance of your mat is to vacuum regularly to remove dirt and grit from the dirt trapping fibres. Job done. For heavy soilage, the following steps apply:

Step 1: Bung it in the washing machine at 30 degrees; Step 2: Tumble dry on a low heat setting. Step 3: There is no step 3! Simples. Your Ollimat is as good as new.